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As your beloved pet approaches the end of its life, due to

advanced age or illness, Dr. Sernik can help you give them

comfort and quality of life.  When the time comes, she can

bring their life to a peaceful close in the familiar

surroundings of their own home.


Journey's End is a very special service offered by Dr. Sharon Sernik.  When the time comes, Dr. Sernik will come to your home and put your pet to sleep in the familiar, comforting environment of their own home.

For many pets, being put into a carrier and driven to a veterinary clinic, and then being in the clinic itself, is stressful.  Many people do not want that to be their pet's last experience here on earth.  Likewise, for some larger dogs, it is physically difficult and maybe even painful for them to get in and out of a car to get to the clinic.  It can also be difficult emotionally for owners saying goodbye to be in a clinic in the presence of other owners with their healthy pets.

Journey's End offers a much more peaceful, less stressful, and easier alternative for both you and your pet.

For more information about the service or to schedule an appointment, please see the 'Contact Info' page for contact information.

Se habla Español (mas o menos bien por una gringa).



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