What happens after the pet has passed away depends on the owner's wishes.  Regardless of which option is chosen, I generally make an ink paw print on a sympathy card, and a clay paw print to be baked later.  Both are sent to owners  after the euthanasia.  There is no additional charge for this.  Each one is handmade and unique, and many owners are comforted by having these keepsakes of their pets.  An owner may decline, however, if they do not want this done.

     There are various options to choose from:

     1) Home burial - You may choose to bury your pet on your property.  

     2) Communal cremation - Your pet is cremated by Final Gift with other pets and the ashes mixed so you will not get the ashes back.

     3) Private cremation - Your pet is individually cremated and the ashes are returned to you, usually in about a week via UPS.  Some people bury their pet's ashes, or scatter them in a place special to the pet, or keep them in their homes.  The ashes are returned in a nice wooden box.  There are currently several choices of urns included in the price of the private cremation.  You can also purchase a variety of urns from Final Gift's catalog or elsewhere.  Final gift also offers small necklaces and other keepsake items. Please see their website at www.finalgift.com

     4) Private burial in a pet cemetery - There are pet cemetaries in various locations around the area.       

 To see the selection of urns from Final Gift for your pets ashes, please click the following link to download a PDF file: Journeys_End_Urns.pdf

There is a wonderful option to have some of your pets ashes put into a hand-blown glass memorial by Terrapin Glassblowing Studio. Please see their website at www.terrapinglass.com/memorials.

Vangie Collins makes glass Cremation Beads with your pets ashes in them.  Please visit her website at www.vclampwork.com.

If you have a quantity of your pet's hair, and want to have something created from it, Nancy at Hair of the Dog spins pet hair into yarn and makes a variety of things like hats, scarves, and purses from it.  Her website is www.designerdogyarn.com.

Finally, Cuddle Clones will make an exact plush replica of your pet to have forever.  You can visit them at www.cuddleclones.com.