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After Care Options

What happens next depends on your aftercare choice:

You can handle your pet’s aftercare yourself:  You may choose to bury your pet on your property, or take your pet to the crematory of your choice.

Communal cremation:  Your pet comes with us and is cremated by Final Gift with other pets. The ashes are mixed, and buried in their cemetery, and you will not get any ashes back.

Private cremation: Your pet comes with us and is cremated by Final Gift individually. Their ashes are placed in an urn of your choice. It usually takes about a week to get them back, though holidays and bad weather can cause delays. You can pick up your pet in Merrimack, NH or in Newmarket, NH, or your pet can be returned to you via UPS signature required (Final Gift charges $27 for shipping). Someone will have to sign for him or her. Some people bury their pet’s ashes, scatter them in a place special to the pet, or keep them in their homes. You will have a choice of one of five urns included in the price of the private cremation. You can also purchase a variety of urns from Final Gift’s catalog, though many of the same urns can be found elsewhere on the internet for less. Final Gift also offers small necklaces that they will fill with your pet’s ashes, and similar items can be found online. Their website is To see the selection of urns from Final Gift for your pet’s ashes, please click the following link: Urns

Note: All of these urns can be opened to allow access to your pet’s cremains. Final Gift also offers engraving, either directly on the urn or on metal plaques to be stuck onto the urn. A plaque costs $15, engraving on wood costs $20 for one line or $30 for 2-4 lines, and engraving on metal costs $30 for one line or $40 for 2-3 lines. To order any of these, please contact Final Gift directly at 401-464-8338.

Private burial in a pet cemetery: There are pet cemeteries in various locations around the area. To see photos of the cemeteries available through Final Gift, please click the following link: Cemeteries