Charitable Contributions

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Manny’s Fund

In memory of their cat Manny, Evan and Niki have created a fund in order to assist pet parents with the costs associated with the Journey’s End Service.  If you would like to donate to this fund to help other pet parents at this difficult time, please see the ‘Contact Info‘ page for contact information.  Small grants will be distributed at Dr. Sernik’s discretion based on recommendations from rescue groups or local veterinarians.

“Our sweet boy Manny was one of a kind. From the time he was a kitten, he was a cat in every sense of the word. He loved to be pet and rubbed on, but he definitely liked his personal space – no matter how much we wanted to invade it! On his own terms though, he always wanted to be near us and just observe what we do. He was a great supervisor / foreman for my home projects and yard work – always watching, never helping of course. He was protector of his yard, and a master hunter – no chippy or bird was safe. He had his sweet side as well, Manny really had a connection with his momma, Niki. Whenever she was sick or sad he would hop up on the couch with her and stay much longer than he normally would – as is to comfort her. He also really loved a good stretch and sunbathe on our patio while we sat and sipped coffee. We love him so much, and we really had such a special connection with him, and miss him everyday.

Financial and life struggles don’t make times like these any easier. So we wanted to make a donation to help ease the stress off of others who are going through what we went through. We are so fortunate to be able to afford such a service, we wanted to have others feel the peace we have felt. We would recommend Dr. Sernik’s services to anyone!

– Evan, Niki and Manny”