Always loved…

Never forgotten…forever missed.

Honoring Their Memory on Our Memorial Wall

Our furry friends bring so much happiness and warmth into our lives, often becoming cherished members of our families. When we have to say goodbye to a beloved pet, it can be incredibly difficult and leave a deep void in our hearts. We understand the grief that comes with this loss, and we want to provide a space where you can honor your special companion on our memorial wall. Click here to leave a heartfelt note in remembrance of your beloved pet with us.


Faith taught me Faith and Unconditional Love. She lives in my heart. I am grateful.


Luna is the sweetest. She was a rescue from the Manchester Animal Shelter. She was calm, sweet and affectionate. We referred to her as Queen Luna, Luna Love, or Luna Belle. I love her so much!


Our dear friend, Pat, teaches, “You get three ages of dog: Three years of bad dog, three years of good dog and three years of old dog.” She is wise.


Monty was the best boy. Everyone who met him loved him- they would always say “wow what a great personality he has!” Full of life, friendly and happy. He loved to hike and exercise in general. We even taught him how to walk on a treadmill in winter because he needed the energy outlet. His love for hiking big mountains likely contributed to the painful arthritis that brought his eventual end. But it was worth it because he had a great life, out in nature.