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As heartbreaking as it was to let my best friend of over 12 years go it was the most beautiful, peaceful, compassionate & loving experience I hoped for. He was my best friend for so long. She took the time to get to know Buddy, made him comfortable & consoled us too. He passed away at home peacefully in my arms & surrounded by love. She made ink paw prints, a plaster paw print & sent a beautiful card reminding me of the memories I had with him. Journeys End is truly wonderful & remarkable & I would highly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves having to make this decision.

N.L., Manchester, NH

We can’t thank Dr. Sernik for the tender loving care she gave to our sweet Josie, helping her to pass lovingly and peacefully in our own home. The Doctor was kind and very caring and made such a difficult process easier. We will forever be grateful and would highly recommend The Journeys End and Dr. Sernik.

A.R., Pelham, NH

After making the agonizing decision to put our dog Duke down we knew that bringing him to the vet was not the last memory and stress we wanted to put him through especially because he was to the point that moving was very difficulty. My vet referred me to Dr. Sernik. We were so pleased that she was able to come to our house right away. She made us feel so comforted and I knew that Duke went the way he would want to… Peacefully in his favorite chair. Thank you so much Dr. Sernik!

J.L., Bedford, NH

Today I received my beloved Fate’s paw print from Dr Sharon Sernik. I am in awe of how special it is. She took great detail in making it just perfect, hand painted with a beautiful heart. I will cherish it as I will cherish all the beloved memories I have of my sweet angel Fate. Having to euthanize my beautiful Fate was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, and I am eternally grateful I found Dr Sernik. Her service came highly recommended from my Veterinarian. What was one of the hardest days for me was a lot less hard having this amazingly compassionate woman there with Fate, myself and my family. Fate was able to pass painlessly, surrounded by the many who loved her. I can not thank you enough Dr Sernik.

J.B., Londonderry, NH

Dr. Sharon Sernik could not have provided a more comfortable, relaxed and happy end to my dear dog’s life. This was a remarkable relief so much appreciated.

H.L., Amherst, NH

I was told Millie had 1 to 3 months to live with a non curable cancer. Needing to do something to help I started to plan to make her final day as easy as possible. I heard about this type of service from my vet and research led me here. I called to introduce myself to Dr. Sernik and tell her about Millie. We shared stories. Mine about Millie. Hers about the kind and caring service she gives.

Three months later I called Dr. Sernik to tell her Millie was still playing ball and running with her brother, Max, and living life. She surprised everyone. 4 surgeries, then chemo, and she still wanted to play. She wasn’t ready. So it was easier for me when, after 18 months of happy, she had a sudden turn and couldn’t stand, she looked so tired. I knew. I called Dr. Sernik and we agreed on a time in the afternoon. I had that whole morning to give her love, keep her comfortable, and see that she was really not going to be getting up to play anymore.

When Dr. Sernik came she got right down with us on the floor and we just talked. Petting Millie, comforting sounds and hands, in her favorite place. We talked about Millie’s favorite things and what made her special. After a while Dr. Sernik gave her a shot to totally relax her and we continued to talk to her and pet her. My sister and Max were there, too. Ultimately, finally, a last shot was given and she went to sleep in my arms. Words of love still spoken. After emotions took a pause Dr. Sernik let me help carry her to her car in her favorite blanket.

A few weeks later I received her ashes in a very nice box that had a place for her photo. There were other options. That was what I chose. We know going into getting a pet that their lives are shorter but forget that very quickly. I have 2 dogs now that I hope I can give the same final gift to when their time comes. It’s not easy, but it’s the best of the alternatives.

I’m writing this with tears 2 years since Millie has gone. My best friend called today asking for Dr. Sernik’s contact info. If you are reading this you are in the right place.

K.F., Nashua, NH

Sharon is an extraordinary person who does a very difficult job and she does it with compassion. She truly cares as she helped us through a difficult decision. Our beloved Snoop was our loving and loyal dog for many years, he was truly our best friend. He was so gentle with everyone, yet protective. In his early days he was very active as he would go running with me, he would play with the kids in the yard, go swimming in the pool and or in the lake. He loved the water and would take any opportunity to jump in even if was the neighbors pool and he wasn’t invited. He was our Snoopy Poop. Everyone who knew Snoop loved him. He always smiled and he made people smile. He had a good life! He grew tired and he was sick. It was difficult to watch him everyday struggle to just get up or eat, but it was also difficult to make the decision to stop his suffering and say good-bye. It’s been over a month and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look at this picture and miss hearing his nails on the floor, or throwing a piece of cheese to him as he watches as breakfast is being made.

We were referred to Sharon from our vet and she responded immediately. We were sad and upset and she listened and supported our entire family. She brought special snacks for him and eliminated the anxiety he would have endured had we’d taken him to the vet’s office. He was home with his family in his bed. Sharon asked about Snoop and wanted to know everything about him. She asked everyone about their fondest memories of Snoop and really listened. She got down on the floor and provided a loving, supportive approach to help us with our last moments with our buddy. We will be forever grateful to her for providing us making the “good-bye” to our Snoop peaceful.

If you have to make the difficult decision to say good-bye to your beloved animal I would recommended contacting Sharon. She is truly a unique, wonderful human being. Thank you again Sharon. You are an Angel!

M.M., Pepperell, MA

Thank you, Dr. Sernik, for your gentle, thoughtful approach to guiding my sweet boy, Rudy, over the Rainbow Bridge. We so appreciate your care and kind manner with Rudy’s beloved humans as well. Although a very difficult time, you made it a beautiful experience for all. You are a most gifted doctor and I’m so glad you do what you do for pets and the people who love them.

K.L., Billerica, MA

When it was time for me to say goodbye to Chloe, my feline companion of 15 years, I made the difficult decision to reach out to Dr. Sernik to euthanize her at home. Although it was heartbreaking, choosing her services was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Sernik made the experience peaceful, and Chloe transitioned with dignity.

What made this event easier to bear was the excellent aftercare Dr. Sernik provided – in addition to comforting me, she provided me with resources, and reassurances that my feelings that I was experiencing were normal. It was the first time I’ve ever had to say goodbye to an animal companion, so I had no idea how I would react to the loss. I chose a private cremation, and her ashes were returned to me in a beautiful urn. About a month later, I received a gorgeous clay paw print, and more words of comfort. I’ve created a memorial for Chloe in my home, which includes all the items mentioned, as well as a glass paperweight that contains Chloe’s ashes.

If you’re considering home euthanasia for your ailing animal companion, please contact Dr. Sharon Sernik. You won’t regret it.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

J.B., Nashua, NH

I can’t say enough about Dr. Sernik and her services. I had two German Shepherds from the same litter. Two and a half years ago I had to put one down at a local animal hospital. It was devastating. They didn’t let me hold him. They didn’t sedate him. He was sitting up. Scared. Lost. It breaks my heart, knowing I wasn’t the one holding him. Within seconds he was gone.

Dr. Sernik is truly a person who cares about you and your pet. Last night, she came to our home. She was truly caring about making this difficult decision less painful. She brought a bag full of treats and asked that we continually feed our baby as to distract him. She then sedated him and waited until he fell asleep and was snoring. All the while asking us about our happy times with him…taking our minds away from the loss while handing us tissues that she brought. She wanted him to feel dignified and brought pads to put under him. She patiently waited in the other room until we were ready to say goodbye. With our help, he was placed on a stretcher where she wrapped him in blankets that we provided. She spent an hour at my home. Unlike a 15 minutes office visit at your local vet.

My heart aches this morning, but I know my baby isn’t suffering anymore and that his passing was as dignified as anyone of my loved ones. I only wish I had known her with all my other pets. Don’t bring your loved one anywhere else. The guilt I feel for all my other pets is like watching a loved one being given the death penalty by injection. Thank you Dr. Sernik, I can’t express how grateful I am to you

D.C., Hudson, NH

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for taking the time to come to our house this morning. It was such a tough time for us and such a tough decision to make. It was so thoughtful of you to get up early enough to be able to check in on us and come to our aid. I couldn’t imagine having to try to comfort Kitty on a ride to the vet and then be in a strange place in her condition. It meant the world to me that she was able to feel safe and loved in her home.

We appreciate everything you did for us and Kitty so very much. Your care and compassion were heartwarming and words can not thank you enough.

The R. Family, Amherst, NH

When we knew it was time to let Titus go, having someone come to the house was the only choice for us. He was most comfortable in his own environment and we wanted him to be at ease during this time. What a blessing it was that you were able to do just that for him and for us. It was the hardest thing we have ever had to do and we miss him every day, but it was the right thing for Titus. Thank you for providing this service. It was exactly how it should have been.

S.&G.C., Wilton, NH

We are so grateful for the service you provide…our pets deserve to feel safe and comfortable at the end and you make that possible.

T.&C.D., Amherst, NH

When the time came that we needed to make our decision, the experience that came with Journey’s End was the one good thing we had during such a difficult time in our lives. The compassion and professionalism that we encountered made things easier emotionally during a very sad and difficult time. The ability to keep Angel comfortable in her own environment with those who loved her and such compassionate people caring for her gave us some peace. Angel was well taken care of and we would recommend Journey’s End to anyone facing the same decision we faced.

D.&L.G., Hudson, NH

Ending a pet’s life is extremely difficult, but Dr. Sernik brought warmth and compassion to our house and allowed Bailey to have a proper ending surrounded by his loving humans and cat buddies.

B.R., Nashua, NH

We lost our 8 year old Boxer boy due to cancer in March. After his loss, our elderly Boxer girl started to decline rapidly due to old age. Bringing in our Boxer to our vet’s office was a traumatic experience for our family. We were looking for more of a relaxed – for lack of a better word – experience when it came time to put our Boxer girl down. We looked into home euthanasia and found Dr. Sernik of Journey’s End. We were not sure what to expect but the whole experience was just so peaceful. There was less stress on us and most importantly less stress on our dog. We would highly recommend Journey’s End. They were willing to come soon after making the call and arrived to our home full of compassion, respect, and addressed every question and concern with care. When faced with the difficult decision of putting a family member to sleep, I highly recommend Dr. Sernik and team to help them pass over the rainbow bridge.

B.N., Wilton, NH

I wanted to send you a sincere thank you for helping us with Louie yesterday. Although I chose your at home euthanasia service because I was not able to get Louie into a car, I would not have had it any other way. Your compassion was beyond compare. You turned something that was scary and sad and made it beautiful. It was more than I expected. I truly believe that I could not have done any better for Louie. Every dog should have a passing like his. Thank you again for giving us this last memory of Louie. He was smiling right up until the end. There was no pain, no anxiety (canine or human). Our family will be forever grateful.

Many thanks and best regards,

K.&J., Merrimack, NH

I was referred to Journeys End from a friend of mine. Dr. Sernik was wonderful and made it easier to let my best friend go and not suffer anymore. I would recommend to all my pet owners. I tell everyone she is gentle, kind and compassionate woman. Dr. Sernik made me feel at peace and like I had known her for years.

L.A., Bedford, NH

The service you provide is extremely special and I know it takes a special person to be able to do this. We truly appreciate your caring and compassion during this process. I knew that saying goodbye at home was the least we could do for our loving little boy… being able to save him from the trauma of going to the vets. It is such a stressful and draining situation in the first place, having you come to the house made it as peaceful and comfortable as possible. I also wanted to let you know that the information you provide on your website in regards to knowing whether or not it is time is extremely valuable. One is never really certain, but the information made me feel more sure that we were doing the right thing. Thank you again.

H.P., Merrimack, NH

I cannot express the gratitude I hold for Dr. Sernik and the service she provides. Not only was the experience peaceful and calm for Max, Dr. Sernik’s kindness and comforting words and actions made it so much less stressful for our family. She came to our home on a Sunday, and I could not imagine how stressful the experience would have been for all of us to have to bring our very ill, 80 pound friend to his normal veterinarian – the last time we went for a visit I could not get him out of the car, he was shaking so badly. Dr. Sernik was extremely professional yet very kind, explaining the entire process to us, and ensuring we had arrangements made for Max. The pawprints are such a nice keepsake, and sweet reminder of our dear companion. We should all be so lucky to have such a painless and stressfree end to our journey surrounded by those we love in our own home.

N.L., Pelham, NH

As expected, well into his senior years, Maxx’s health began to deteriorate. He no longer had any knowledge of when he was about to defecate. He began losing weight rapidly. He had difficulty walking. His appetite was fading away. Try as he might, he no longer could maintain his sense of balance. I cared for him with all I could give knowing deep down it was time. Friends and neighbors would also share with me that they thought it was time to let go. Honestly, when it came down to it, I did not want to let go. During this difficult time, I knew I needed help. There are only two things I knew: 1) I did not want him to suffer and 2) I will ensure he dies peacefully at a place he feels most secure, at home. I researched several animal hospices but found one which really stood out. I reached out to Dr. Sharon Sernik of Journeys End. I first contacted Dr. Sernik through her website via email. I shared with her my thoughts and concerns about Maxx. Her timely response was sincere and well regarded. I then submitted a second email a few months later and received a similar response. At this time, I decided to move forward with an evaluation of Maxx. At our home, she provided a professional and detailed evaluation of Maxx in the comfort of his own resting area. She was exactly what I needed. I needed someone with the same compassion I have along with years of experience with animals who has the capacity to not only care for my pet, but help me through a difficult process. She knew what Maxx was feeling. She knew what I was feeling. Her sense of urgency and compassion for Maxx put me at ease with which what I was about to do. Together, Maxx and I shared his final moment. As difficult a decision it was, Dr. Sernik made it possible for me to have Maxx pass knowing he was truly loved.

S.F., Litchfield, NH

Thank you Dr. Sernik for your help in making our beloved Teddy’s departure so peaceful and enabling him to let go in his “happy place”. You are an angel.

S.G., Alton, NH

Dr. Sernik was a very compassionate and supportive person during this difficult time. I was so thankful we did not have to stress out Porter by loading him into the car and taking him to the vet. We all sat outside in the sun. Porter was able to have some treats. It was all very peaceful. Thank you.

J.W., Goffstown, NH

Words cannot express our gratitude for Dr. Sernik and the service she offers. While the hardest phone call ever to make, we knew we could not say goodbye to our sweet golden, Max with his last memory being in a vet office.

It is hard to put into words how comfortable she made not only my family and I but our sweet Max. The compassion and respect for what all were going through was appreciated. She took a sincere interest in understanding what made Max so special. Asking all of us what our favorite memories were. She petted and talked to Max so softly and lovingly. She was understanding and did not rush the process. She gave me and my family all the time in the world to continue to be with Max. And even after he left us, she stepped out of the house to give us one last time alone, as a family to be with him. She showed such respect. And while the loss of such a sweet dog is immense, we felt at peace after he left.

While we never want to lose our pets, my family and I are so appreciative for Dr. Sernik.

L.C., Lunenburg, MA

This is our sweet little love bug, Maggie. We’d like to thank Dr. Sernik for the kindness and compassion she showed us when it was time to say good bye to our beloved Maggie. We chose at home euthanasia after seeing Dr. Sernik’s website because we couldn’t bear the thought of bringing Maggie to the vet because visits there always made her nervous. It was the absolute best decision for Maggie and for us. When Dr. Sernik arrived at our home my husband and I were an emotional mess. Dr. Sernik was so understanding, kind and calm. She made Maggie’s last moments happy (yummy treats) and peaceful. If we ever have to euthanize another pet in the future, I wouldn’t do it any other way. Can’t recommend her highly enough! The thoughtful card and paw print Dr. Sernik sent us is a beautiful memorial to our sweet Maggie. We miss her so much!

J.C-P., Londonderry, NH

Thank you so much for coming earlier than anticipated yesterday. You were so helpful and we had the best experience during such a heart wrenching time. Wesson was at home and he went peacefully. I’ve been to different places in the past but from now on I will be contacting Journey’s End. Couldn’t be any happier with her service. She made my two kids feel comfortable during this difficult time. Thank you so much for taking such great care of Mr. Wesson.

G.P., New Boston, NH

Dr. Sernik was a godsend for us, her name was given to us by our friend Lauri who spoke very highly of her. She was a great comfort to us in this difficult time. She was very caring and did not make us feel rushed at any time. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to put their beloved companion to rest in the comfort of their home where they feel most at ease.

Thanks again for all of your kindness,

C.&M.D., Nashua, NH

Keila was our beloved dog, a mix of golden retriever and perhaps collie. She had raised our boys, gone to soccer games,traveled with us on our vacations and always greeted us whenever we returned home from work. She loved running around our yard, loved chasing the boys down the hill while they were sledding to try to steal their mittens. She loved going for rides and would jump directly into the driver’s seat of our SUV. That was in her active years.

After 16 years it had become more difficult for her even to lie down, or to climb up or down stairs. We would carry her each day so she could still join us at night. So after nursing her through last winter, we began to prepare ourselves. Even our vet, who loved and cared for Keila knew that taking her into the office would be too stressful for both Keila and ourselves.

An acquaintance suggested Journey’s End. Once we realized it was time, we called Dr. Sernik. It was a Sunday morning, but she realized our need and rearranged her own schedule to help. Within an hour or two, Dr. Sernik was at our home. She came inside and got acquainted with us and our beloved Keila, allowing us the comfort, time, and space to turn a difficult event into a heartwarming, though sad, memory.

Dr. Sernik is special. She allows you and your pet to relax and lets you say goodbye in your own home, in your own way. She has everything you need including all the nice touches you might never think of: locks of hair, making paw prints. She carries snacks to keep even the most finicky dog happy.

Thank you, Dr Sernik for your kindness, your sensitivity and your professionalism.

D.&F.B., Dunstable, MA

Dr Sernik is one of the most wonderful and compassionate people I have ever met. She helped us through one of the most difficult days of our lives when we had to say goodbye to our beloved and cherished Buster after 12 years. While our interaction with her was short relative to the people that come in and out of your life, her caring, flexible and compassionate demeanor will remain with us always. The after care was amazing as well, she treated every step our engagement from the moment I contacted her with the utmost respect and care with attention to every detail. We were not only touched by the the service she provided but also the return of his ashes and follow on communication of sympathy and remembrance.

After this experience I wouldn’t recommend anything but using Dr. Sernik to help you say goodby to your cherished friend when the sad time comes. All the best and thank you,

S.G., Pelham, NH

Thank you Dr. Sernik for being so very kind, caring and compassionate, I really appreciated the fact that our furry baby could rest easy in the comfort of his own home, definitely one of the saddest days of my life, I miss Axle like crazy, there’s an ache in my heart and an emptiness in our home…we had 15 wonderful years together.

Rest Easy old boy, I will love you forever!

M.K., Stratham, NH

Thank you, Dr. Sernik, for your gentle, thoughtful approach to guiding my sweet boy, Rudy, over the Rainbow Bridge. We so appreciate your care and kind manner with Rudy’s beloved humans as well. Although a very difficult time, you made it a beautiful experience for all. You are a most gifted doctor and I’m so glad you do what you do for pets and the people who love them.

K.L., Billerica, MA

Thank you Dr. Sernik and The Journey’s End for giving our family such a wonderful gift. It has been almost a year since we have used your services, however, we are still grateful. As our beloved family member grew older and was ailing, we made the decision to allow him to pass in a calm, loving, and stress-free environment. You allowed us to give him this, and we were truly touched by your caring and compassion.

Instead of a cold and sterile environment, our kids were able to enjoy a barbecue and back yard sprinklers with our guy on his last day. All of our dogs had their own hamburgers and hot dogs, and the whole family had ice cream for dessert. When the time came we sat underneath the trees that he had spent so many hours, and the family talked about what we loved about this gentle dog. I can think of no better of a way to celebrate his life.

Your mail afterward with a personal letter to us and a remembrance gift was exceptional. It was very much appreciated and was an example of your kind heart.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

N.B., Derry, NH

I got my package with the stuff for Phoenix! There are no words! Having those mementos of him means more than I ever thought it would! I also can’t thank you enough for helping my little man cross the rainbow bridge! It was so much more peaceful, calm and dignified than i could ever have hoped for!

You do an amazing service for people and their fur babies!! Bless you and keep doing what you are doing! Like I said there is much more I want to say…but like I said, there are not enough words!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

M.S., Manchester, NH

Although we are still grieving, I don’t want to let any more time go by, without saying, “thank you”. You made one of the most painful moments in our lives as peaceful and loving, as possible. Thank you for taking care of our beloved, Maggie. I’m sure that there’s a special place for you in heaven.

S.&B.L., Nashua, NH

After an all too short battle with lymphoma it was clear that our little ebony shorthair BonBon was losing the fight. We have lost many of our little friends over the years and have always had difficulty finding vets who would make house calls, particularly on short notice. We try to avoid euthanasia if possible but sometimes you just can’t; this was BonBon’s case. We called Dr. “Sharon” and made the appropriate preliminaries.

When the time came and it was clear that the end was too long coming and the suffering increasing, we all met under a large tree in our back yard. We had a sad and tearful farewell under the tree with a gentle breeze and a sunbeam. The end was quiet and quick. This is not an easy thing to decide to do or to go through for a loved one but Sharon was a partner in our family’s farewell ceremony. We appreciated her concern and tenderness in administering to Bonnie and the additional mementos that she had the presence of mind to prepare for us while we struggled with the loss.

R.&J.C., Nashua, NH

Last year I read an article about Journey’s End and Dr. Sharon Sernik’s services in the Nashua Telegraph. I saved the contact information knowing that our 14+ year old Pug, Mugsy was slowing down quite a bit and knew that this was the only option for me and my beloved Mugsy.

On Mother’s Day, 2013, Mugsy suffered a seizure, after which he could no longer walk. That day, I emailed Dr. Sernik, and within a few hours she called to set up an appointment for the next morning. When Dr. Sernik arrived at my door, I saw the compassion in her eyes and knew she felt the pain I was experiencing. I brought her in to introduce her to Mugsy, who was lying in his bed. She gently knelt down, stroked him, talked gently to him and fed him treats, all the while calmly and with empathy, explaining to me in detail each step of the procedure. As Mugsy lay calmly in his bed, and when I was ready, I gently laid his head in my lap stroking his old gray face. Dr. Sernik administered the sedative to put him into a deep and peaceful sleep. Dr. Sernik then waited patiently and, again, when I was ready she administered the euthanasia. It was the most painless and peaceful endings I have ever witnessed. I would highly recommend Dr. Sernik’s services to anyone who has to say goodbye to a wonderful pet. I find a solace in knowing that Mugsy never felt the stress of having to ride in the car to our vet’s office and spending his last moments inside the unfamiliar surroundings of the examining room. He spent his last moments of his life in his own home, in his own bed in the company of his best buddy, Dug, our other pug; and did so with dignity.

A few days later, I received a beautiful sympathy card with Mugsy’s paw print and clay footprint keepsake with his birthday and date of departure from Dr. Sernik. I had Mugsy cremated and within a week, I received his ashes in a beautiful little pine box. He is home again and it’s such a comforting feeling to know his presences are here in his favorite room. Thank you again, Dr. Sernik, you made one of the most unbearable events in our family’s life bearable.

J.H., Hudson, NH

I just wanted to thank you and your assistant for your kindness & compassion while helping Lady through her final minutes on Earth. We are sad that she is gone, but also feel relieved that we don’t have to see her going through the tough times anymore.

B.P., Merrimack, NH

We have done nothing but rave about how special it was to have you come to our home and let us be with Punkey in her environment. You made her transition more accepting than if we took her to the vet. You went above and beyond what we expected, I love the paw prints and the clay prints. I can’t thank you enough!

T.&C.H., Manchester, NH

If you are reading this note, you must be thinking about home euthanasia. Here is our story; we hope it helps you in your decision making process. When our cat Mouser became gravely ill, we created a hospice environment for him and cared for him at home to the point where he could no longer walk on his own or eat. When it became apparent he would not recover, we recalled an article we read in the Nashua Telegraph about Dr. Sernik who performs home euthanasia. We immediately got in touch with her. It was very important to us that Mouser be able to pass in his own home, in his own bed with our family surrounding him. Dr. Sernik was very understanding and sensitive. She made herself available early on a Sunday morning (our preferred time for ceremony) helped guide us through the steps and what to expect, and Mouser passed away very peacefully. We were grateful to be able to manage this in the privacy of our home. We highly recommend Dr. Sernik if you are considering this option.

E.&S.G., Merrimack, NH

Unfortunately, my family recently had to use this service for our pet dog Quin… but things could not have gone better during this sad ordeal and I am simply returning a favor to Dr. Sernik. This is a personal recommendation. If appropriate, please consider passing this service along to anyone you know whose pets may be nearing the end of life and have them determine for themselves if this is a service that would be useful. Not all veterinarians perform this service in your own home and indeed ours did not, so in the case of my family and our pet, Quin, this was a very lucky last minute find. I cannot praise Dr. Sernik highly enough for her grace, thoughtfulness and tactfulness in giving our companion a final, painless send off. There are many aspects to this service and Dr. Sernik seems to have them all covered. I believe she travels within an approximate 1 hour from Merrimack.

H.P., Amherst, NH

We can’t thank you enough for coming out to meet with Cody & his family. Since you have seen him, collaborated with his veterinarian, and made minor medication changes he has been doing far better than we could have hoped. His quality of life has increased considerably & he is enjoying himself immensely; playing with his toys again & is far more active. We know that this will not last forever, but the extra time he has been given (as well as us J); words can not express. He is not just a dog at the latter end of his life, he is a member of our family who loves unconditional & we him. We would give anything to have another eleven years with him, but will cherish every moment we have at present & can’t express to you enough how grateful we are to you. It is very clear how devoted your are to your profession, as witnessed by us during the time you spent with Cody & his family. We are content in knowing that when Cody’s time has come to an end, it will be you that will be there to guide both he & us through his passing.

R.T., Nashua, NH

Our wonderful German Shepherd, Rhadamanthus “Rhad” was 9 years old on Nov 8. The previous month he had been diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer at Tufts. He was a wonderful companion and had an extremely strong “ball drive”. He was happiest chasing a ball or if there was no one to throw it, at least he would have a ball in his mouth. As expected he deteriorated quickly, although he would still eat, my husband prepared special chicken giblets and gravy to mix with his dog food, and finally all of his meals were basically eaten while lying in his bed. I was carefully watching him for signs of too much suffering. My husband went on his annual fall trip and 2 days later, although still eating, etc, Rhad did not even pick up a ball when we went outside. I could see in his eyes that it was no longer an enjoyable life. He sometimes whined at night. Dr Sernik had been recommended by our vet. I was adamant that he would not be taken to the office to be euthanized and wanted it to be done at home in his bed. Dr Sernik was basically able to accommodate any time of day or night that I wished, any day of the week. It was a very peaceful experience. She gave him a sedative and fed him some treats as we watched the sedative take effect. She then asked whenever I was ready for the final injection, which I was immediately ready for. He took his last 2 tranquil breaths, a final small shudder and he was with the angels. We brought his sister in to see him before Dr. Sernik took him to be cremated, which is what we wanted. I gave him a last kiss goodbye and now we have his ashes, and a lovely tributary note and paw print from Dr Sernik. It was the best possible way for me, to go through one of the most emotional experiences one can have as an animal lover.

H.V., Greenville, NH

Dr. Sernik was recommeded to us by a neighbor who used her service. When the time came, we called Dr. Sernik, as we wanted the best possible passing for our Brady……Our Child, Our 12 and a half year old Olde English Bulldog who brought us a life time of happiness. As a Hospice Nurse myself, I was adamant that Brady received the best End of life care possible, because he deserved it. Well, I will say that we could not have been happier or changed anything in the way Dr. Sernik helped our Brady cross over. She was very subtle, caring and showed Brady as well as us, much dignity and respect. On the same level as we show humans at the end of life. It was truly amazing. It brought comfort to us and allowed us to cope a bit better knowing he was comfortable and treated so well. There are no words to express the thanks we give to Dr. Sernik. She is a very compassionate and wonderful human being. We received in the mail, about 5 weeks later, an actual footprint of Brady (plaque) with a beautiful letter attached from Dr. Sernik. It was the most thoughtful and precious gift we could ever receive in memory of our Brady. It gave us the closure we needed to adopt our next Bulldog. Thank you so very much Dr. Sernik.. With Love

J.H.&C.R., Nashua, NH

I cannot convey how grateful we are to have found Dr. Sernik when our pit bull, Isabella, was diagnosed with bladder cancer and did not respond well to chemotherapy. It was just by chance that I saw a notice for Journey’s End. We read her extensive and helpful web pages. I called and spoke with her a couple of times, enough to sense her kindness and empathy and to get advice on making the decision. We were fortunate to live in her service area.

I can say the experience was extraordinary. Dr. Sernik was friendly and professional, thoughtfully prepared and unhurried. We all sat on the floor with Bella and talked about her life. The chemo had terribly affected Bella’s appetite, but Dr. Sernik brought a variety of treats that Bella found delightful.

At no time were we rushed; Dr. Sernik allowed us to set the pace. I fed Bella treats until she was sedated. She could not have been happier or more relaxed.

Dr. Sernik’s sensitivity, compassion, sympathy and professionalism are beyond compare. That such a sad event was able to produce good memories is both unexpected and priceless.

B.S., Jaffrey, NH

Dr Sernik helped me to say good bye to our beloved Jackson when I didn’t know how to, it was such an emotional decision and her calming presence, compassion and competence helped me get through such a difficult time. Thank you Dr Sernik for your kindness in the days after as well.

B.F., Merrimack, NH

I am so grateful I asked the questions that lead me to Dr. Sernik. This was one of the worst weekends of my life. I knew I was losing my beloved lab Simba and the stress of loading him in the car to take his last ride was breaking my heart. After talking to Dr. Sernik, I had found a little peace knowing that I could keep Simba at home and have as good of a last couple days as possible with him. This was not our first time having to put a pet down but Dr. Sernik was the best we could have asked for that night. There was no rushing. We all appreciated the conversation and being able to laugh a little in between the crying. She allowed us to take the time we needed with zero pressure to move things along. I couldn’t possibly put a price on having that in our time of sadness and loss. She gave us peace of mind combined with understanding and compassion. We thank Dr. Sernik from the bottom of our heart.

G.M., Weare, NH

I can’t thank Dr. Sernik enough for the wonderful, compassionate service she provided our beloved Ziggy! At one of the toughest times our family has ever experienced, she came into our home and helped us with what felt like an impossible ordeal! Making that call was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do! Her professionalism, thoughtfulness, and kind words will surely never be forgotten by anyone in our family!

D.&D.W., Nashua, NH

While on vacation in Jamaica, I received a call from my pup’s sitter, that my Sensi had taken a turn for the worse. I booked a flight and returned home at almost midnight on Nov. 5th. The next morning, I called Sensi’s vet to come to our home. Unfortunately, our vets were all booked, but the receptionist remembered hearing good things about Journey’s End. I called Dr. Sernik, and even though we lived more than an hour away, Dr. Sernik re-arranged her schedule to help Sensi on the beginning of her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Her interest and willingness to listen to my son and me sharing our memories was comforting and joyful at the same time. We have had to put so many of our babies to rest over the years, including Sensi’s sister, just 2 years ago, and I wish all such endings, were as calm and peaceful, as it was for Sensi, as well as for us. With Christmas only a few days away, you can imagine the love a joy we felt when we received a package of memories today.

Our family extends our most heart-felt thanks, with love to Dr. Sernik and Journey’s End.

C.S., Laconia, NH

It was a tough enough decision to have to put my beloved Hunter down on short notice, but I was absolutely not comfortable with making his final hour of life a scary, nerve-racking experience by driving to the vets, which he hated and would shake all the way there! I inquired at my current vet and found out about Dr. Sernik’s home service. She came to our home on the same night we called her (at about 11 pm) to help my poor suffering boy! It was a very peaceful experience… and she brought treats to spoil him while we fed him his last chicken meal. She also sent us memoirs to keep in memory of our beloved boy!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone who wants to give that last final gift to their pet and a dignified farewell! I will never bring another pet to the traditional vet shop to end his/her life… it is too tragic!

D.W., Manchester, NH

Today my paws crossed over

The rainbow bridge

The wind drying the tears on my fur

Still there from my mom who had weeped.

My journey started with my doctor

Who made sure I wasn’t afraid

As she Slowly guiding me down the path

To this very special place.

Soon I was surrounded By others

All sharing the same special gift

Our One purple paw

A blessing by our guardian angel

Dr. Sernik.

With Endless Thanks & Love,

Melissa & My Beloved Kukla Mou.

M.B., Mont Vernon, NH

We want to thank Dr. Sernik for her services. It was the toughest decision we had to make. Having her come to our house, where Frankie was comfortable was the best thing we could have done. Our final hour with him was focused on him in his own space. She was so patient and caring. I would highly recommend her services to anyone thinking about having her come to them to help their beloved pet cross the rainbow bridge.

K.L.&R.R., Manchester, NH

I cannot find the words to describe my positive experience with home euthanasia. I am going to try…

This was the hardest choice we’ve ever had to make when it came to our beloved chocolate lab, Dash. Dash was the most amazing, loyal, gentle, hyper, playful, trustworthy and well behaved dog. Dash loved us from the day he came to us at 12 weeks old till our very last second with him. Our whole family loved that boy. My three children got to experience unconditional love from him.

When Dr. Sharon came to our home I had no clue what to expect. We just knew we couldn’t say bye to him at a vet’s office. We needed to be together as a family to say our final goodbyes. Dash was able to lay in his favorite dog bed and eat till he became too sleepy and had a full belly. We got to pet him, feed him, talk to him and be by his side – as he stood by our side for the 12 years leading up to his final day.

Dr. Sharon explained everything to our family in a way we’d all understand, guided us towards all the positivity and made our hardest moment as pleasurable as possible. She respected our time with him, didn’t rush us and was incredibly loving. We all chuckled as my two year old ate a dog bone with dash.

We had Dash cremated and he was back home to us within a week. The financial aspect of this was so affordable, I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did. It takes an incredibly strong person to do what you do. The gift we received in the mail afterwards was breathtaking and we will treasure it for the rest of our lives!

Forever thankful we found you,

A.S., Merrimack, NH

We can’t thank you enough for the compassionate, caring and considerate service you provided for us during our letting go of Honey. We are especially grateful for the way you gave us gentle guidance through a most daunting task where we really did need someone to take our hands and walk us through it, and you did. You also brought some beauty (Honeys fur clippings, the notecard and the beautiful keepsake pawprint) and gifts to what is generally a very bleak, and sad time of loss. Thank you and God Bless you.

C.W., Mont Vernon, NH

Journey’s End is a compassionate and professional service that allows you to say goodbye to your family pet in your home. Dr. Sernik took the time to learn about our dog Samantha, who had been part of our family for 13 years. She allowed us to remember all of the happy memories of Sam as we made one of the toughest decisions of her life.

B.&B.W., Merrimack, NH

Dr. Sernik provided our dog and family such a loving, humane and peaceful ending to our dear boy Sunny’s life. To think that I didn’t have to put him through the discomfort and trauma of one more trip to the cold sterile vet’s office was a blessing. She and her assistant were so kind and caring and made one of the toughest decisions of my life a bit easier knowing Sunny was comfortable and at home when he passed. I can’t say enough about Dr. Sernik. I so recommend her services to anyone facing this difficult decision. She truly was a blessing to us and to Sunny. Thank you will never be enough.

J.D., Nashua, NH

I only had Niko a little less than 5 years, but I tried to make those years as happy as they could be for her. It was very hard to say goodbye to her when it became apparent that she was not doing well, but as sad as it was, Dr. Sernik made Niko’s final moments very peaceful and stress-free. It truly was the last gift I could give her when she needed it, and I was grateful to have the option of doing this at home. So much better for Niko, and definitely for me too. Dr. Sernik understood what my husband and I were feeling, and she helped us to navigate a difficult time; she did it very gracefully and compassionately. I would recommend this choice to anyone when their beloved pet has reached the end of the road.

K.R., Bedford, NH

We are very fortunate that there was an option to have you come to our house for Gucci to pass away in the comfort in his own home before he suffered any longer. We are happy to have his paw prints and we will cherish them always. We thank you very much for your service and for being there for us.

R.&D.L., Nashua, NH

I am so pleased I called you. The paw print was more than I thought it would be, I was very pleased . The letter and Brann’s print inside touched my heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

D.L., Temple, NH

Finding out that my 12 year old childhood cat, Peaches, was suffering with Lymphoma was heartbreaking. He carried on for about a month and made it to his 13th birthday before we knew it was time to make plans for him to pass peacefully. Researching veterinarians and options was overwhelming until Dr. Sernik was recommended to us. After reading the information on her website over and over again it was clear that she provided exactly what Peaches needed. Dr. Sernik worked patiently with us as Peaches came to his journey’s end. She was very flexible with scheduling and was able to come last minute when we realized it was time. She is gentle in her work and has a comforting presence. In such a sad time she was even able to make us laugh remembering special memories with Peaches. I would recommend her to anyone facing this difficult decision.

C.H., Nashua, NH

Thank you again for your compassion and promptness in helping us find a peaceful end to my best friend’s life. Your service was amazing.

P.S., Amherst, NH

We can not thank you enough for your compassionate care on the day of Daisy’s passing. And the talks that you and I had prior to that, while trying to make the “when” decision, was more helpful than you could possibly know. The whole process put us at ease. Daisy was our faithful, daily companion. She went with us everywhere and was more like another child (or sibling) than a pet. While the sadness of missing her is still overwhelming at times, knowing that we had such a peaceful “Good-Bye” with her was a blessing. The last thing that we wanted was for her last ride (boy did she love to go for rides!) to be to the vet to euthanize her. Having her here, at home with her loved ones, was the last kind thing that we got to do for her. We are forever grateful for the service that you provide. I have the clay paw that you made for us on the window sill in my office on a small easel with the lock of fur that you gave to us. She’s with me every day in memory.

M.C., Merrimack, NH

I struggled so much with this decision – but I knew from Red it was the right thing to do. Your website did draw me to you – but even after talking to you on the phone I was still so apprehensive and worried. From the moment you walked through my front door I just knew I had made the right decision and if I had to do it again – I would do exactly the same thing. You made me feel completely at ease – we talked and chatted about Red and other things like we were old friends and I felt so comfortable and I know Red did too. It was so peaceful and I can’t thank you enough for that! I would tell anyone who was faced with a decision like this to talk to you. It was very difficult for Red to move and having you come to our house – where Red was comfortable was the best thing I could ask for. He passed away eating treats while comfortable on his bed and it couldn’t have been more peaceful.

T.T., Windham, NH

When Suzie became so frail that it was heartbreaking to watch her walk, we looked into euthanasia. I didn’t want to force her into the carrier for a dreaded car ride when she was already so stressed. In-home euthanasia allowed us to keep her home, curled up on her favorite couch, relaxed and purring. It made a huge difference for us, and I think it was helpful to her, too. I am so grateful that we had this option.

K.D., Nashua, NH