The Day of Your Pet’s Euthanasia Appointment

Preparing for the Final Farewell

The Euthanasia Process

  • When everyone is ready, the doctor will administer an injection of a strong sedative.
  • Over the next ten to twenty minutes, your pet will become relaxed and sleepy while you comfort and pet him or her.
  • When your pet is completely relaxed, we will shave the fur over a vein to make it easier to see it.
  • We try to use a vein in the back leg to allow owners to be alone at their pet’s head, but owners should understand that in older, sicker pets, veins may be harder to access, and there may be a better vein in a front leg. If the pet’s veins are difficult to access, the euthanasia solution can be given in alternate, equally painless, locations.
  • When everyone is ready, we will administer the solution that actually helps your pet pass peacefully.

  • It is simply an overdose of anesthesia and usually works very quickly. Sometimes the pet has passed before we even finish giving the injection.
  • When certain conditions like heart disease or dehydration are present, it may take a bit longer. Owners should be aware that sometimes there can be reflex movement, last breaths, or even vocalization, though this is very rare.
  • The important thing to realize is that your pet is not feeling any pain or discomfort because of the powerful sedative that has been given. Sometimes urine or feces can be released after the pet is gone as well. Some pets do not close their eyes.
  • The whole process is painless and peaceful.